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Here you can view some of the former screenshots of the month. Click on the thumbnail images to view them in their original resolution.

November 2001
September 2001
Close-up of Assassin under attack.
Still life with Silverhawk, Assassin, teleporter, and EMP.

July 2001
June 2001
A Hurricane tunneling through a teleporter.
The Assassin in all its glory.

May 2001
April 2001
A recently captured shot of the previously unknown Silverhawk.
A Bluespire being destroyed by swarm missiles before it can escape to safety through a stargate (shot by Thilo Schulz).

March 2001
January 2001
A Hurricane and a Stingray dogfighting in the near vicinity of a planet with a ring system.
The EMP cannon in action.

December 2000
November 2000
A Claymore approaching a planet.
Stargates in the Parsec universe.

October 2000
September 2000
Scooter's monthshot.
A Bluespire chasing a Hurricane through a mine field.

August 2000
July 2000
A Firebird attacking with fully upgrades lasers.
A Claymore getting wiped out by a Hurricane with swarm missiles.

June 2000
May 2000
Firing with the deadly photon cannon.
A Hurricane in the process of becoming invisible.

March 2000
February 2000
A Stingray being chased in a network dogfight.
Introducing the Hurricane.

December 1999
November 1999
Intergalactic new year greetings.
A Claymore entering an opened stargate. Asteroids in background.

October 1999
September 1999
The new energy power-up
A ship getting blasted from several directions at once

August 1999
July 1999
The latest addition to the gallery of Parsec spacecraft
A close-up reveals the newly revamped Cormoran

June 1999
May 1999
The new cockpit sports some really cool graphics and an elite-style radar
Bluespire blasting a Stingray with the helix cannon

April 1999
March 1999
A dormant stargate connecting two galaxies in the Parsec universe.
The Stingray flying towards a sun.

February 1999
January 1999
Check out the new laser and ship propulsion (OpenGL).
Lethal lightning strokes.

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